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Workplaces Where You Can Get Injured

Sustaining an injury or illness because of your job is already bad in itself. But it is even worse if you think about the possible consequences. First, there is the medical costs to treat your injury or illness. Second, there is a possibility that you will not be productive because of your physical limitation. Third, and worst of all, you may even lose your earning capability, temporarily or permanently, depending on the severity of your injury or illness.

You can sustain such things in any kind of workplace, but it is obvious that some workplaces are riskier than others, such as the following.

Construction Sites

Construction is a dangerous industry, primarily because construction workers are often exposed to dangerous environments and equipment. The website of the Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, LTD. has enumerated the most common causes of construction site accidents, namely falling accidents from roofs and scaffoldings, entrapments from hydraulic beds and other machines, striking accidents from falling objects and moving machineries, and electrocution from exposed wires and powerlines.

Manufacturing Plants

Manufacturing workers are often exposed to hazardous products. These products are either used in the manufacturing process, such as chemicals and gases, or the direct result of manufacturing techniques, such as fumes from welding and particles from metal cutting.

Workers may also suffer from extreme temperatures and may be prone to machine accidents.

Office Spaces

Offices may not be as dangerous as construction sites and factories, but they do have their own threats. Building facilities like escalators, elevators, and stairs may be defective because of the lack of maintenance. Office equipment, such as desktops, laptops, printers, desk lamps, and appliances, such as coffeemakers, are also prone to defects and can become fire hazards if overused.

Seafaring Vessels

Ships are not exactly the safest workplace, as workers there may be prone to both natural and material threats. Natural threats include dangerous weather conditions and coral reefs and material threats include defective ship equipment and facilities. There is also the threat of slipping from oil and other slippery substances.

According to the website of this Jones Act injury attorney, workers who have been injured while out at sea may have legal options. This is good news, considering that these workers are arguably some of the most vulnerable to workplace accidents and injuries.