Boating Accidents due to Drunk Boat Drivers

Boating is a fun and relaxing way for individuals to enjoy time with their families or simply spend time on the water. Sadly, this tranquil activity can quickly become dangerous when negligent boat drivers are on the water. Carelessness can be caused by a distracted or even a drunken boat driver. Inebriated boat drivers can be one of the most dangerous aspects an individual can encounter while on the water and, unfortunately, it happens far too often.

Drunken boat drivers can expose other innocent individuals on the water to danger in many ways. One of the most common ways is that they are more prone to reckless boat driving. This can include speeding, swerving in the water, and creating heavy wakes around them, all risking the safety of other boaters on the water. Inebriated boat drivers may also ignore posted laws on the lake all together. This can also include local boating laws, even those that are not posted, such as age and life-jacket requirements. Although there are some signs posted, water ways do not have many traffic signals, often relying on the judgement of boaters to execute safe behavior. When a boat driver becomes drunk, their ability to execute cautious driving actions can become impaired, leading to an increased risk for accidents.

Often, the victims of these accidents are innocent bystanders on other boats who are in an accident. According to, boating accidents are some of the most dangerous collisions that occur because victims are also exposed to the risk of drowning. In any case, victims of boating accidents are often left to deal with intense physical injuries, as well as extensive medical bills and emotional turmoil. Due to this, many individuals seek action against negligent boat operators, such as those who drove a sail boat or motorized boat under the influence. When individuals take the wheel of a boat drunk, they can quickly turn a fun activity into a dangerous one. When this is the case, receiving compensation from the party responsible may be essential in the road to recovery.